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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this consultation?

The purpose is to analyse your product / offer and your company so that we can get a better idea on if we can help you or not. Our goal is to only represent companies where OUR annual commission would exceed $250,000.

Will my consult be with a sales person?

No. All consultations are with a world-class sales expert. These are real and valuable consultation calls.

What happens after the call?

The experts that have these types of consultations with you are individuals who have charged over $5,000 per hour for strategic consulting. These consultations are meant to analyse your situation and break down HOW we can help you. Once your consultation is concluded, we make a decision to either work together or not.

How is the consultation conducted?

All consultations are conducted over zoom and have a duration of 45 minutes. Calls are recorded for safety & training purposes.