The 🌎's most famous piece of art created in the last 10 years is now for sale!

Negotiation Agency is proud to present the RedWood Octopus. We own the exclusive rights to sell this masterpiece and we will select 1 buyer by March 11, 2024. To place your bid - please speak with your Art representative.

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The numbers that matter

Seen on the internet over 540,000,000 times
3% of the sale goes towards charity
Carved from a single piece of wood.
The bidding starts at $4,500,000 USD


Why is redwood so valuable?

About 82% of the remaining ancient coast redwood forests is protected in parks and reserves. This art piece is 14 feet long, 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide, which weighs in at 3500 pounds. It's made from one solid redwood log. The tree wasn't cut down to make it, it fell and Jeffrey was allowed to remove and use the tree. There's very few of the mature trees left and most are protected.

Where is the Redwood Octapus now?

The Redwood Octapus is stored in a bonded warehouse in Canada.

What is the buying process?

You decide you want to buy and you place your bid with the Art Representative that shared this offer with you. The Art Representative shares the bid with us. Every morning our team updates each Art Rep with the current highest bid and allows them to share an updated higher offer. On March 11th at 9am EST we will announce the highest bid and name the winner of the Redwood Octopus. Once the winner is chosen, our law firm (Schlam, Stone and Dolan LLP) will contact the buyer's lawyers to finalise the purchase.


Included in the winning bid is 3 months of media coverage in online publications and/or magazines such as: Tech Crunch,, Variety, US Weekly, CNBC, NBC, USA Today, Esquire, Harpers Bazar, LA weekly & many more.